Gym for All

Our Gym for all (GFA) programmes are designed to teach confidence, coordination and general body awareness. They are based on the seven fundamental movement skills needed in all sports, and everyday life.

As part of our programme your child will achieve badges as they complete a set amount of skills. This gives your child something to work towards and a reward at the end.  Children are divided into ages 5 –7 and 8 –12. This lets us accommodate all levels of ability.

The Advanced Flyers class is for children who are level 4+ in our badge system. The training is longer than our GFA programme so the children can increase strength and flexibility.

Classes run throughout the week and are available for different age groups:

  • High 5’s for age 5-7 years
  • Flyers for age 8-12 years
  • Advanced Flyers for age 8+ years
  • Stages (age 5+) and Excel (age 8+) are the GFA recreational competitive programme

Check the timetable for class times, and contact the office to register.