We have a large variety of teams available to suit a range of ages and abilities. At Ignite we strive to provide a safe, fun environment where athletes can grow their skills, as well as learn valuable lessons that last a lifetime.

What is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a team sport that consists of tumbling, such as cartwheels and flips, stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, jumps and dance. The team then combines these elements into a fast-paced performance routine to compete against other clubs from across the country!

We have teams suitable for a large range of ages and abilities, from complete beginners through to experienced athletes!

One of the great aspects of cheerleading is that it requires athletes of all shapes and sizes. Your child will be welcomed, nurtured and considered an athlete as every team member plays a vital role!

Cheerleading Programmes

We offer two main programmes at Ignite, these are our Competitive and Novice teams.


Competitive teams 2023

These teams are suited for athletes that want to make cheerleading their main sport and are driven to progress through to our top level teams.

Flare- Level 1




Novice teams

These teams are suited for athletes that are keen to get started but are also balancing other extracurricular activities or family activities, so may want to commit to less hours initially.

Ember- Novice Level 1

Sparks- Novice Mini




Cheerleading is a unique team sport, which requires full commitment from both the athletes and their family as there are often no substitutes or “bench players” to draw on.

Our athletes, parents and coaches expect Ignite team members to commit to their teams as absences can have a big effect on the rest of the team. We have also seen from experience that the level of attendance from a team directly impacts how successful they are at competitions throughout the year. We also believe that by creating an environment where everyone is committed to their team, it helps to develop our athlete’s character so they can be successful in the future.

We also understand that different families seek varying levels of time and financial commitment, hence our offering of both competitive and novice cheerleading teams.

2023 Dates

These are the key dates you should ensure are added to your calendars for the 2023 competitive season:

  • Team trials and registration: Registrations now open – email admin@huttvalleygymsports.co.nz for more info
  • Team placement announcements: Placements for 2024 will be announced in December 2023
  • United Cheer: 
  • Battle in the Bay: 
  • Cheer Brandz Super Nationals: 
  • Prize-giving: November 2023

Competitive Teams

Being a part of a competitive team is perfect for motivated and dedicated athletes. Athletes are pushed to reach their full potential and form strong bonds with their teammates.


Competitive teams are best suited to athletes wanting to choose cheerleading as their main sport. These teams train twice per week so athletes have more potential to progress through the levels. At Ignite, we are able to offer competitive travel teams from Novice to Level 2.

Time commitment

Athletes in our competitive teams train twice a week for 2 hours (4 hours total) for team practices.

All athletes in teams in level 1 or higher are highly recommended to also register for a tumble class to ensure their tumbling skills are being maintained, as team practices focus more on the other elements of the routine that require all team members to be present.

In total, athletes in these teams are training 4 – 5 hours a week, throughout all school terms and also the second week of each school holidays. They will also be dedicating and prioritising the weekends that their competitions are on, to compete with their team.


MONDAY 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM


TUESDAY 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM


TUESDAY 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM





Competitive teams will attend 1 to 3 competitions per year. Competition dates will be announced in late December – early January, once teams are decided and event providers have confirmed their dates.

All athletes in these teams are expected to attend all of the competitions scheduled for their team. For some athletes, we understand this is not possible, so we do offer novice teams which may be a better option as they do not compete at any travel competitions and also do not train as many hours during the week.

Team trials

For the 2023 competitive season, we will be holding trial sessions throughout January 2023. Teams will be formed based on athlete registration numbers and ability levels.

Ability level – Athletes will be assessed on their tumbling, stunt and jump abilities. For athletes that are wanting to trial for flyer positions, flexibility will also be assessed.

Age – Athletes will generally be entered in the youngest age division for which they are eligible. This helps to ensure our teams have the best opportunity to compete successfully throughout the year.

Team roles – Experienced athletes often specialise as a flyer, base or back base. Although these roles are taken into consideration when forming teams, they may need to change and evolve throughout the season.

Please note we do not guarantee flyer positions. We have found that some of the best bases are ex-flyers and that current flyers improve their skills significantly when they also have basing experience. These multi-talented athletes become very valuable to their team and give them more opportunities in the higher levels. Flyer positions will be appointed solely based on the composition and needs of the team and routine at the time and may change at any point.

Registration fee

Registration for a competitive team is a commitment to the full season and the associated fee has been calculated to cover the full season (starting January and finishing in December).

We endeavour to make cheerleading as affordable as possible by splitting the cost into 11 equal payments, cheerleading and tumble class invoices are separate, and payments go out on the 1st of each month and due on the 20th of each month.

Costs related to our competitive season will be billed in terms 2 and 3. These costs include:

  • Team training costs
  • Competition bow
  • Training t-shirt
  • Competition entry fees 
  • Uniform hire fees

Additional costs

  • Travel competition costs, e.g. flights, accomodation, transport at competition and food (required)
  • Cheerleading music. 
  • Coach travel levies (required and confirmed once competitions are finalised)
  • Cheerleading shoes (optional for level 1, but highly recommended)
  • Additional recreational tumbling classes (optional)

To help keep costs down, we offer great discounts for competitive team athletes who wish to add-on extra tumble classes.

If you would like to enquire, or you are wanting to register for a 2023 competitive team, please get in touch and we will send through the full registration information and registration form link.