Play gym

Play Gym encourages learning through play. It promotes brain and body development in children under 5 years old. Parent participation is key to the active play programme.

Classes are broad based and open-ended to create a child-centred learning environment based on fun, social, active and simple activities. Play Gym focuses on areas of perceptual motor development, gross and fine motor skills, visual perception and fundamental movement patterns.

Our Explorers class creates an environment where children can learn and explore while promoting confidence and spatial awareness.

Classes run throughout the week and are available for different age groups:

  • Tumbling Toddlers for age 2-3 years
  • Jumping Jelly Beans for age 3-4 years
  • Advanced Jumping Jelly Beans for age 4+ years
  • Explorers – for walking up to 5 years

Check the timetable for class times, and contact the office to register.