Strategic Plan 2020-24

Hutt Valley Gymnastics provides an inclusive environment where gymnasts enjoy quality coaching and programmes.


Create a positive environment that everyone wants to be part of.
Build a desire to be part of a community that respects and understands each other.
Develop training and club programmes that recognise club and individual needs and opportunities.
Build club spirit – One Gym, One Team


Review all our current Club policies and develop a Policy Review Plan.
Develop and implement a Club Marketing Plan.
Develop and evolve a Club Communication Plan.


Results of Athletes:
Develop a plan that maps success pathways for all programmes.
Build collaborations with other Clubs, and the wider sporting community within the Wellington region and throughout the country.
Monitoring and goal setting to support development.

Develop the technical and soft skills of each Coach to get the best of their athletes.
(Soft skills: non-technical abilities eg. communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership and responsibility.)

Committee, Members and Staff:
Review process and systems in supporting the Club in a clear and transparent manner.
Implement a visible recognition strategy to promote the successes of our Coaches
Have a Human Resources Plan, monitoring performance and retention of employees. Building the person they will become.

Ensure all staff have a planned pathway to enable success.
Create a clear pathway for all individual athletes and families to achieve their goals.


Establish a sustainable funding model.
Maintain a surplus for future growth.
Create a scholarship for children to access Hutt Valley Gymnastics.


Develop and maintain programmes to enable growth, retention and engagement of our community.
Develop a facility to meet the Clubs equipment needs and pathways for all areas of the Club considering both current and future opportunities.
Implement pathways for the future through the utilisation of planned and existing facilities and equipment opportunities.