The HVG Committee is pleased to be working alongside the following Subcommittee’s in 2020/2021.

Fraser Park Working Group

Darren Sears (Chair), Aaron Simmons, Tracey Joe, Mat Bialy, Dave Whiting. With support from James Fitzsimons and Jouvelle Gee.


Nicole Manning (Chair), Sarah Simmons.

Strategic Plan

Deirdre Follett (Chair), Charlotte Haigh, Bridget Adair.


Deirdre Follett (Chair), Sarah Burnell, James Fitzsimons. With support from Cherrie-Anne Mountford.


Louise Waiariki (Chair), Annalise Austin, Louise Passmore, Christine Whiting, Marie Pye, Nicole Manning. New members are welcomed!

Grand Opening Event

Nicole Manning (Chair), Annalise Austin, Emma Austin, Sarah Simmons, Anthea Fitzsimons, Eleanor Harwood, Marie Pye, Liliana Ortega, Brigitte Bilay, Kate Wright, Norah Carr. New members are welcomed!

Financials and Funding

Tracey Joe (Chair), Andrew Austin, Mat Bilay.