moveMprove® – The Essential Foundation Movement Programme

Proudly developed by GymSports NZ, delivered to you by Hutt Valley GymSports

GymSports New Zealand has developed the moveMprove® foundation skills programme to enable children (3-10 years) to become more competent at movement, empowering them with the ability to participate in their chosen sport or activity at a more skilful level. Additionally, an expected result is that children will be healthier, happier, with improved academic abilities.

moveMprove® is delivered by our trained movement specialists either on school grounds, in our gymsports club or in other community venues. The programme builds movement skills for life in a fun and engaging way by developing each of the 7 fundamental movement patterns children need to be competent at movement through games and activities. These patterns are Statics, Landing, Spring, Rotation, Swing, Locomotion and Manipulative Skills.

Our organisation brings all required equipment and our trained coaches’ plan and lead the movement sessions. For school groups and early childhood centres, teachers are required to be actively involved in the sessions. This is for two reasons:

1) The teacher is able to monitor and assess the children’s development of the Key Competencies described in the New Zealand Curriculum, which is seen throughout the lessons.

2) The teacher gains professions development themselves in learning how to teach foundation movement skills safely, and gives them a variety of ideas relating to how to develop the 7 fundamental movement patterns in their classroom and P.E sessions after the delivery has finished.

To have a look at the programme in action, and for more information on the development of the programme and its impact on children, see moveMprove®’s YouTube clip by clicking HERE.

For further information, please click HERE to be taken to the moveMprove® page on the GymSports NZ website.

This page includes the moveMprove® promotional flyer, and the educators and parents guide to moveMprove®.