At YAMAKASI, our mission is to make movement accessible to all, regardless of age, gender and fitness level. Our classes are designed so everybody can move and enjoy at their own pace, be it getting familiar with basic techniques and conditioning exercises that strengthen their body, or mastering more complex and challenging skills and movement techniques.

Building a base:

A strong foundation in movement fundamentals is important. This element introduces and breaks down movement basics and techniques in a safe and engaging way. It is suitable for beginners to movement as well as experienced practitioners looking to revise and refine their techniques.

Building your body armor:

Regular conditioning is essential to keep both mind and body strong. These rigorous workouts are designed to help you establish, push and eventually overcome your physical and mental barriers. You work only as hard as the effort you choose to put in.

Remember — a strong body and a determined mind are the keys to ensuring longevity of movement.

Discover limits of your body:

Rediscover fresh perspectives on interacting with the environment. This element redefines how you view obstacles by challenging you to apply foundational techniques in creative situations. Expand your mind by exploring new and unique ways to move and express yourself.